Want green grass and plants sooner?

Get ready for Spring! Make your appointment now to start pre-emergent in February to keep spring weeds down, plants healthy and grass green. Guthals has a variety of fertilizer packages that will help all yards become lush and beautiful.

Guthals Nursery takes great pride in being an independent nursery. As independent nurserymen, we handle only the finest products available to the industry. The chemicals and organics we handle are from the Voluntary Purchasing Group, known as Ferti-lome and High Yield. These products are handled only by independent nurserymen who attend dealer meetings and product schools to keep up with the latest changes in laws and product availability. Shopping with independents assures you the finest quality and product knowledge to help you protect your landscape investment.  Don’t forget to ask about our annual fertilizer special.  Everything you need to keep your yard fed for an entire year!



green-leaf-clipart-green-leaf-hitinyFertilizer Special

Feed your lawn for an entire season!  We will start you off with Natural Guard a soil activator that thatches, aerates the ground and NG Soil Activator 40520increases water retention.  As the season progresses you will get iron to increase your yard’s green hue and a fertilizer to keep it healthy and active.  Best of all our products are formulated for the climate of our area.  We will store your Fertilizer Package until time for you to apply.  All of this for only $109.00.


It doesn’t matter if you know nursery plants or not, as long as you know your nurseryman. Your independent nurseryman is well trained and knowledgeable about the plants he is offering to the public. It’s important to know where to plant certain plants, how large they will ultimately be, insects you may encounter, diseases that may occur, how and what types of fertilizer to use, and if a particular plant is winter hardy in our area. With good information, you can make good decisions about what, when, and how to plant and take care of your plants.

Beautiful landscapes can be achieved when you start with good plants. At Guthals, we buy from only the best sources: Monrovia, Jackson Perkins, Welby Gardens, Mt. States, and Tree Town, just to name a few.

green-leaf-clipart-green-leaf-hitinyLandscape Supplies

Guthals is a full service nursery and garden center. In addition to stocking the finest in nursery plants and products for maintaining your yard, we offer a variety of landscape supplies. We carry everything from bark and rock to fountains and ponds. You can successfully accent your landscape beautiful accent stone, decorative pots, and rock benches, all of which are available at Guthals.