Guthals Nursery knows your lawn.  Bryan and his team will visit your home and give you great advice on which products to use.  You can put the products on yourself, or hire them to do all the work.  

Is your lawn hungry?  Learn to feed it lawn for an entire season!  We will start you off with Natural Guard a soil activator that thatches, aerates the ground and increases water retention.  As the season progresses you will get iron to increase your yard’s green hue and a fertilizer to keep it healthy and active.  Best of all our products are formulated for the climate of our area.  


Every season has it’s own set of needs.  Springtime is used to apply products like Pre-emergence-a-vert, Pro-turf Weed Out,  All seasons, and the above mentioned Natural Guard.  We will store your Fertilizer Package until time for you to apply.  All of this for only $110.00.


beautiful lawn from Guthals Nursery

Be sure to check our plant specials each month. Also come by and check all of our seasonal plants!

We are getting new shipments in weekly with a wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and accessories for your yard and garden.

Check out what the forecast is going to be the weekend, maybe it will be perfect planting weather!

  • Fertilizer Packages Available
  • Pre-Emergent’s for Henbit
  • We have all seasons and Killz All
Did you know Guthals can help with pest control? Call if you have unwanted bugs or spiders that need to find a different place to live :).